Hi. I'm SJ Cummings.

And this is my Product Gallery, an open, exploration in brand creativity and continuity. Feel free to enjoy my digital artwork and products as they make their way from imagination into reality.

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I design and build innovative things.

My creations blend science, art and design.

Novelty Tech

I design products that you hear about and think "Why hasn't someone made that sooner", "Pure Genius". or "This is the perfect tech gift"


I redefine clocks and watches in the 21 century by accenting them with technical utilities without compromising their watchfaces.


I firmly believe that computers will become more and more personal as items you can wear. These are my product designs that can be worn.

Passionate work ensures satisfied clients.

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1987 Squareface

Simplify your life with this exquizite timepiece. Its glass plane changes colors based on weather.


Time Watchmen

This collection of wristwatches reconnects its owner to their personal messenger of time, the watchmen. Includes Signal Booster technology


LIV Displays

Elegant yet simple wall displays built with frosted glass that change color based on temperature, weather, and smartphone notifications

Novelty Tech

Handcock Squareface

Designed to be reliable and powerful. This hand-held timepiece has an hidden ability, its a hand crank battery reserve that charges mobile devices and laptops.


MECCA Centerpiece

Exploring new boundaries of convention this upgradeable Wifi Personal Network HUB doubles as a living room centrepiece

Novelty Tech

Infinite Circularity

This personal bluetooth network, is a desk clock that allows all of your bluetooth devices to communicate and share data seamlessly


GateKeeper Charger

Built to sit near your door. This solar powered wireless charger base holds your keys & charges your phone wirelessly.

Novelty Tech

Unloseable Lighter

More than just any ordinary lighter. This lighter texts, vibrates and beeps when its owner is more than 25 meters away.

Novelty Tech

Easy-Pass Bangle

This bangle allows owners to activate computers, unlock smartphones and control infra-red devices just by gesturing


Armoury Clockface

This collection of clocks are a true homage to man's fighting spirit. It is the ingenuity and vigour of the armoury that pervates success throughout time.


SJ Libra Crest

A fully-stylized rendition of the Signature Crest. This design is art as much as it is an signature feature of the SJ Cummings brand.


Liquid Tree Clockface

Liquid flows, trees grow, time flows. This fractal timepiece has a glass base that changes colors based on temperature, weather, and smartphone notifications


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